A Question of Modesty

We journey to a small village in West Africa during the time of the Middle Passage where the religions Of Islam and Christianity imprint a different construct of modesty onto traditional societies and their indigenous belief systems. Program Information 2005 Choreography, Costume,Musical Direction, Set and Light Design: Abdel R. Salaam

…B Flowin’…B Smoove!

Oscillatory in the design of it’s language, “…B Flowin’, . . . B Smoove!” seeks to be a visual metaphor for the elliptical movement of life in the heavens and here on Earth. Inspired by the dynamic, fluid, never ending flow of energy from Supreme Being that animates all, the mythical Damballah and Aida Ouedo, […]

AXIS: Temples of Ice

AXIS: Temples of Ice exalts the elemental powers of snow and ice in their role as “protectors of the planet”, especially in the polar region s of the north and the south. Arctic life, science, myth and the primal elements of wind and water drive the vision of this work as it ultimately comments on the […]


E.R. illustrates the almost “surgical” dismembering of Mr. Salaam’s mother’s life during her tenure in an emergency room hospital as she oscillates through the roles of caregiver, patient, healer and the infirmed.


This is the Story of the murder of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen, the last of the royal line at the close of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty; it is also the story of the eventual discovery of his treasure-filled tomb, some 3,000 years later, by the British archeologist, Howard Carter. It’s a tale of passion, betrayal, and revenge… But […]