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Terrestrial Wombs

Since the dawn of an age when the moon and time were one, the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers have been known by artists and scientists, poets and priests alike as symbols of the wombs of life on earth. From their watery matrix sprang forth many of the myths, legends, manifestations and womb-manifestations of creation. Terrestrial Wombs embraces the essences of Her power, fluidity and grace as She sources us with the rhythms, currents and cycles of being.

…B Flowin’…B Smoove!

Oscillatory in the design of it’s language, “…B Flowin’, . . . B Smoove!” seeks to be a visual metaphor for the elliptical movement of life in the heavens and here on Earth. Inspired by the dynamic, fluid, never ending flow of energy from Supreme Being that animates all, the mythical Damballah and Aida Ouedo, […]

AXIS: Temples of Ice

AXIS: Temples of Ice exalts the elemental powers of snow and ice in their role as “protectors of the planet”, especially in the polar region s of the north and the south. Arctic life, science, myth and the primal elements of wind and water drive the vision of this work as it ultimately comments on the […]

The Mud Below

THE MUD BELOW explores the theme of transformation through three mythical reptiles: Ojise, the Yoruba chameleon; El Cocqui, the Taino tree frog and Quezacoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent. As we examine the primal beginnings of magic, religion, and culture, we often find our African and Native American ancestors exalting the powers of animals in nature […]

Rhythm Tree

The life of a forest depends upon the strength, power and flexibility of each of its trees and their roots. These trees yield children of ripened fruit whose dance with the wind, the rain and the sun enables their seeds to join the earth once again as they take root.  Thus, new life may spring […]